Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jalan hidup seperti menaiki tangga.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate. 

From my perspective about living, we are getting higher day by day. Aku rasa hidup ni macam mendaki gunung. Everyday we learn, everyday we met new situation. Gunung tu ibarat ilmu also our journey to achieve our goals. So, dont you think, semasa nak mendaki tu, banyak cabaran yang kita akan lalui. Same with our daily life routine. Kalau kita dah berada di atas dont you think kita akan rasa puas gila? Sama macam kehidupan, when we achieved something, when we were on top, the feeling of being appriciated to self and been approciated by peers, such a blithe. After a long journey with extreme road, paid by our achievement, is that what you ever dreamt of? I never achieve my goals like seriously. I have no stance. Aku tak tahu apa yang aku kejarkan dalam hidup ini. I see my friends all have their planning on life while me just follow the flow. What road have been given, I just follow with a slow walk. I am the one who dont even bother to think about future since aku punya ambition to be an architect tak kesampaian. Aku give up in studies, aku tak ada kekuatan langsung.  

What I learnt here is, sesiapa yang ada duit atau sesiapa yang terpelajar is the one who should be respect. I mean, siapa kaya siapa pandai, orang lain semua patut dengar cakap dia. Yes, sini punya sistem memang macam ni. Mana pergi nya competitive yang sihat? I can not lah living in this kind of situation. Memang aku tak pandai, memang aku tak kaya, the insecurity level is high you know and I feel so down like seriously.

My journey of life is not end here. Trying to put my self into Falkuti Senibina Perancangan dan Ukur (FSPU) for my degree soon. That is my ambition, walaupun aku jatuh tidak bermakna aku tak boleh bangkit semula. I can fix this back. I want the title 'Ar' after my name. Ya Allah aku merayu kepada-Mu dan permudahkanlah jalan hidup hamba mu ini amin.

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